Mighty Muffler And Auto Repair
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Your muffler does more than muffle

Despite its name, your muffler is about more than just muffling the loud sound of your vehicle's engine. It is part of a much larger system that is designed to create a smoother, cleaner, and more efficient ride.


If your vehicle is louder than usual, it could be an indication of something very serious. Stop by for a FREE diagnostic so we can quiet things down.

Did you fail your emissions evaluation?

The primary function of your exhaust system is to process the gases produced by your engine so that your vehicle runs more smoothly and more efficiently, and the environmental impact is lessened. If your emissions tests show your exhaust has not been well processed, bring your vehicle to us for repairs.  

Get things quieter and cleaner

•Muffler replacement

•Magnaflow mufflers

•Flowmaster mufflers

•Catalytic converter repairs and replacement

When things get rough, look to us

Rough driving and idling are two of the strongest indications that your exhaust system is dealing with problems. From cracks in manifolds to holes in pipes, we will find the issues and repair them for a more comfortable and safer ride.

Muffler welding